Embroidery Services is the actual process of
physically creating a design on fabric.

Embroidery takes approximate 1-3 weeks.
Strictly Stitches
Digitizing is the art of transforming a drawing, sketch
or other graphic into an embroidery file that can be
later embroidered.

The digitizing process typically takes 1-2 weeks.
Our designers will work with you and instructors, not
only on the actual design itself, but make
suggestions to help make sure you get the desired
dress you want!

After your consultation, our designers will produce 3,
instructor approved sketches, allow you to choose the
sketch you prefer the most and make any alterations
to that sketch. You can even mix sleeves on one
design with the bodice on another design, with
instructors final approval..

The design process typically takes 2-4 weeks.
Construction and Fitting
families outside the Kansas City area, there are other
ways to accomplish this task.

Construction typically takes 1-3 weeks.
with the construction.

I want to make sure of proper fit.
While our focus is Irish Dance Costumes, we do a wide variety of work, including:

Company Logos                          Christening Gowns                         Cummerbunds