If you are new to the "Feis Scene", then you will learn that the Irish dancing community is a close knit group of many of us that offer a family to
    come stay with them the next time they are in town, actually mean it. So, in that spirit, we have created a hospitality section just for you!

    To be a Host Family, all you need is a spare bedroom that sleeps at least two people and a spirit to get to know a new family.

    Due to availability, families that requesting to be hosted should have a back up plan, should a family not be available to host.
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All above information is truthful and  WILL be shared with the hosting family or the family to be hosted. Once a match is made, the host
family will directly contact the requesting family.

The Jig Society, Inc. is not responsible for any representation by either the hosting family or the family being hosted and that each
should do due diligence.
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