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Feis Services  

    This is a FREE service to all Feisanna.

    We Help Your Feis
  • We send each registered participant a FREE gift bag who is registered (based off the paid registrations 2  weeks  
    prior to the Feis date)  with at least one promotional gift and information for all things Irish or Feis city related.
  • We advertise for your Feis for FREE and  distribute them in other Feisanna gift bags. Advertisements provided by
    Feis to be distributed.
  • We ship or deliver gift bags to your Feis for FREE.

    We Help Your School and Students
  • Your students can earn a 25% commission, including automatic renewals, to be used towards any Irish performing
    arts related expense(s), such as: tuition, shoes, competition fees, costumes (solo or school), instruments or other
    approved expenses.
  • Feis and/or school is allowed to insert their program into our bags to ease distribution at registration.
  • We give TCRG a gift certificate(s) for one pair of reel shoes (boy's or girl's) to be given out to the  dancer(s) of their
    choosing. The amount of certificates are based off of paid registrations 2 weeks prior to Feis date:
    200-399 Dancers        1 Pair of Reel Shoes/Feis
    400-699 Dancers        2 Pairs of Reel Shoes/Feis
    700-899 Dancers        3 Pairs of Reel Shoes/Feis
    900 +                          4 Pairs of Reel Shoes/Feis

    You Help Us
  • Your registration volunteers will pass out the Feis gift bags.
  • You will distribute remaining bags to others that did not compete after the Feis has concluded.

    Want to Help Dancers and Musicians More
  • Add an "Irish Spirit" Fun Reel or similar event to your syllabus to benefit The Jig Society, Inc, and we  will designated
    25% of  the money raised strictly for applicants in need at your school. We will supply 1st, 2nd, 3rd awards and
    participation recognition. 1 for Graded Dancers, 1 for Champ Dancers and 1 for Musicians.
  • Sponsor a Gift Card Collection, any type of gift card, regardless of amount
  • Sponsor a Poodle Sock Collection (New or Used)
  • Sponsor a Used Dance Shoe Collection
  • Sponsor a Used Costume Collection, regardless of age or condition

    The sponsorships from the items in the gift bag, plus additional donations, allow us to help dancers, but it all starts
    because of  everyone's "Reel" Irish Spirit!
Helping Inspire Irish Dancers and Musicians through Compassion, Communication, Community, and Camaraderie.