About Us
    The Jig Society, Inc. took years, but with the dedication of dancers, musicians, parents, grandparents,
    friends, businesses and many others, it is now a reality. We hope everyone will reflect on the moments
    that they were helped by a friend or stranger, and will now extend a hand so others can continue the
    tradition that we have all grown to love, Irish dance and music.

    It all started with a "Cinderella" moment.....

    I had made a solo dress for my daughter, all the things that she loved was incorporated into the dress. As
    she watched me make the dress, she would trace the Celtic Turtle on the bodice and ran her fingers
    along the "waves" of the white ruffled skirt. I made sure it was going to be everything she wanted, but fate
    decided the dress was not to be hers.

    I took the dress to our next Feis and placed it on the rack to sell. While watching the dancers, there was
    one dancer that had caught my eye for many years. She always took the stage with the biggest smile and
    you could feel the passion for dance that she had. I knew that money had to be tight as the dress she
    wore  was ill fitting, even the first time I saw her wear it many years earlier.

    As I enjoyed watching her dance, a thought ran through my mind, "I think it might fit."

    After the dancer returned to her seat in the back of the room, I walked up to her and asked her a very
    personal question, "What was her waist measurement?" She replied and I responded, "I think it might fit,
    if it does, it's yours."

    I walked her and her mother over to the rack of dresses, took the dress from the rack, and handed it to her
    to try on.

    It fit as if I had made it just for her. She beamed, the mother was in tears, and I just stood back.

    The mother tried to offer me something for the dress, but I simple told her "to pass it along to another
    dancer, no questions asked."

    To this day, I do not know the name of the family.

    While I have given shoelaces, sock glue, shoe polish, hair bands, safety pins, and even sewn a girl into her dress
    that the zipper just broke, the dress was different. The dress changed everything.

    After that, I thought of the assistance that was given to our family. Without it I would have not been in a position to
    give that girl the dress. KC Irish Fest gave our family a grant at a time when we couldn't afford tuition. Years later
    our TCRG offered one of our dancers a tuition reduction  when we were impacted by medical bills. Older students
    gave us used shoes and school clothing. Friends we made while traveling to Feis offered us lodging when
    attending their area Feisanna. Even friends taking us out to dinner just so the kids didn't have to eat Ramen  
    Noodles and peas in the hotel room one more night. I found myself realizing that we were at THAT Feis because
    of them. What might have seemed like a small thing, really meant the difference to our family being able to
    continue in Irish Dance.

    From that moment, I thought there had to be a way to connect families, the ones that  need assistance and the
    ones that could provide assistance. The Jig Society, Inc, is here to fill the gap that is left between the student's
    school and booster club.

    Please  DONATE  or SPONSOR. so you can make a difference in a dancer or musician's life. If you are
    in need of assistance, please fill out our ASSISTANCE application.

    The Jig Society, Inc
    promoting "Reel" Irish Spirit

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